‘UK’s Fittest Man’ launches initiative to improve health and well-being in schools

Zack George as a child and him now

TV personality and fitness guru Zack George, known as STEEL from Gladiators, has launched a health initiative called Zactiv.

The initiative is aimed at improving health and well-being in UK schools, including workshops for ages 3 to 16.

Named the UK’s fittest man in 2020, George takes his program to primary and secondary schools, engaging children in fitness and nutrition.

Supported by business sponsorships, Zactiv aims to inspire kids to lead healthier lives.

Originally from Leicestershire, George’s transformation from an overweight child to a fitness champion inspired the creation of Zactiv. He hopes his story will motivate children to embrace fitness and healthy eating.

He said: “I want to use my story and profile to inspire children and young people to take charge of their own health. Fitness and what we eat can have a huge impact on our lives. As a child, I wasn’t happy in my own skin but with the support of my family and my dedication to achieving my goals, I turned this around with exercise and healthy eating. I want to be a role model for children.”

 “Armed with the knowledge of what is healthy and how to stay active, they, like me, can achieve great things physically and mentally. The impact of eating rubbish can have such a negative impact on not only physical but also mental health. By promoting exercising regularly and eating healthily we can turn that trend around.

“I hope that my story will inspire any of those children struggling with their weight or fitness and show them just what can be achieved. I want to give back. I’ve been in a fortunate position to do some amazing things as a result of turning my fitness and health around. If I can make a difference and help even one child to become fitter and healthier it will be an absolute privilege.”

During the workshops, teaming up with Actiph, the firm will distribute 30,000 water bottles to emphasise the importance of hydration, with each participating child receiving one.

Additionally, Muscle Foods is creating a family hamper focused on healthy lifestyles, featuring items like protein pizza and healthy snacks at a discounted rate to promote healthy eating habits.