NG goes back to school to help create the property superstars of the future

Jude Weston and Charlotte Steggles

As part of National Volunteers’ Week, NG Chartered Surveyors has been continuing its advisory work with the students at the Garibaldi School in Mansfield.mixermixmixermix

NG director Jude Weston and associate director Charlotte Steggles Charlotte took another vital session recently when they were asked by Albany Bleasdale, the Careers Lead at the school, to spend some time with Year 10 students.

Weston said: “We had 30 students who worked on a rotation of exercises with myself, Charlotte and their teachers who led a Surveying, RICS and Lionheart discussion and tied in the gender pay gap which led into the general themes we were exploring.”

Steggles added: “I showed the students the drone and explained how this ties in with our Surveying work, and also asked them to make a structure with spaghetti, string and tape, which was loadbearing to hold a marshmallow. The results were impressive!

Weston then led a building-themed session during which the students explored their favourite buildings/open spaces and what this meant to them. They also identified famous buildings from around the World and examined their height, construction and age.

Weston added: “This was a fascinating exercise; the students were all very good at categorising them, and many of them had been to some of the locations too – such as the Parthenon, Colosseum and Eiffel Tower.

“We then awarded three of the students who stood out and shone during the afternoon sessions, and gave them a certificate. It was a really worthwhile few hours for us and – we hope – the students at Garibaldi.

Albany Bleasdale at Garibaldi School thanked NG for their continued support to student development, and said: “Our students were really engaged during the well thought out sessions, Jude and Charlotte built a real relationship with the students which is great.”

Steggles added: “Jude and I had a great time. The students were so hands-on – Garibaldi School has some real superstars!”

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