Business Bytes: 5 foods that desperately need banning from the office

Every office has someone that thinks fish is an appropriate communal smell or the crunch of every individual crisp is a sound for all to hear. If you’re looking to be social on your lunches, have some respect for your colleagues by avoiding these five food no-nos. 

1. Yogurt-based products

You’re probably thinking, I have yogurts everyday and they’re not offensive at all. If you think that you’ve obviously never seen a fridge full of forgotten yogurts and yogurt drinks that are months passed their best before date just waiting for someone to throw them out. 

We’re all guilty of buying a pack of fat-free yogurts in a bid to be healthier, but being too idle to actually walk to the fridge before the week is up. 

Not only that, but consider the mess on your desk. Whether you’re a lid-licker or not, that little pot, it’s aluminum lid and teaspoon will be sat on your desk until you have chance to sort it out. Even then, we’ve all made the mistake of binning the spoon and throwing the rubbish in the washbowl. 

Also, the chances of dripping it down yourself are considerably higher than if you eat a chocolate bar. Although, there are certain problems with that too, particularly in the heat. 

2. Something smells fishy 

Great for your brain and arguably, taste buds but not so great for your colleagues’ nostrils. They will be especially ungrateful if their sponge pudding has a certain fishy tang to it after microwaving. 

If you must have your daily dose of brain food, cleaning the microwave might be an idea.

Tuna is not everyone’s cup of tea either, so avoid that altogether – it has a way of lingering on the breath. If colleagues know you had a tuna sandwich just by breathing in, that can’t be a good sign. 

3. Unless they’re Easter eggs…

Now, egg breath is another office issue. Don’t be one of those people who brings a boiled egg to work, no one appreciates that smell. 

4. Fast food

Picking up a big dirty burger on your lunch break might seem appealing at the time, but not only is it going to leave you feeling demotivated and unambitious after lunch, you run the risk of ruining other people’s appetite as well. 

For those who love a Burger King or McDonald’s, the drifting smell from that paper bag will make them desire one too. That’s not helping anyone’s diet.  

For those that don’t, the stench is a foul one, not fit for the lunch hour or confinements of the office. 

5. Noisy snacks

You’ve probably witnessed the sound of crunching and may have even been the cruncher yourself. Incessant munching is hardly the soundtrack to productivity, for you or your colleagues. 

And if you can’t resist a pack of monster munch, think about it this way, are you really enjoying your crisps if you’re feeling insecure about the racket you’re making?

Unless you’re going out for lunch, I’d be wary of who you’re annoying with your chomping.