Business Bytes: 5 things to ask for instead of a raise

Unfortunately for many of us a pay rise – or at least one to the amount we want – isn’t always realistic at our workplaces.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t ask for other things that could be just as good as a raise, or help the disappointment of not being able to have one.

Don’t quit and start looking for a new job just yet, ask for a handful of these instead of a raise and see what happens…


So a raise isn’t really practical, but that doesn’t mean a bonus is asking too much. Ask your boss if you can come to some kind of arrangement based on your performance at work and how well you are doing. Arrange a meeting for every few months where you will be able to discuss how well you have worked recently and why you deserve a bonus that month.


If you’re not getting a raise, is it because there is something that you’re not doing enough of? Ask your boss for monthly feedback where you can discuss your issues and accomplishments, what you can do more of and what bigger changes you need to make.


You’re working at your very best and your company simply cannot afford to give you a raise right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for more time off. The more rest you have, the better worker you are so you’re not asking too much if you feel like you deserve a few more days off here and there.

Lifestyle perks

Instead of a raise, it could be worth asking for things that will boost your lifestyle. Occasional working from home or working hours that suit you and your family needs better. After all, it is the least they can do if the company isn’t in a position where they can afford to give you any more money.

Mentoring and training

Ask for training and development opportunities that will help you to progress in the longer term. It might be mentoring – as mentee or mentor – or new opportunities to stretch yourself and develop skills.

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