Business Bytes: How to appear confident even when you’re not

Whether it is meeting with clients, going to networking events or heading to an interview, chances are, you will need a good deal of confidence to succeed. Confidence is something that doesn’t come naturally to everyone and sometimes we need a little nudge on just how to do it. To be a success, you will need to appear confident, even if you aren’t. Try doing these…

It is in your posture…
Your posture can say much more about you than you would think. If you often look down and slouch, you won’t appear confident at all. Instead, sit and stand up straight. Hold your head high and roll your shoulders back. Even if you’re not feeling confident, you will look it and will look much more approachable.

Wear what you feel comfortable in
If you wear a suit in work and just don’t feel like it’s very ‘you’, find an alternative. You will automatically be much more confident in an outfit that you feel comfortable in rather than one that just doesn’t suit you. If you have a big meeting or an interview, try wearing your favourite outfit, you will appear much better.

Make some effort
Try getting up slightly earlier in the morning and making more effort with your hair or makeup. Chances are, by making just that tiny bit of effort with yourself, you will feel and look much more confident as you know you look good rather than your usual rolled out of bed look.

Slow down
If you have an important meeting or interview, you’re likely to rush whatever you’re saying because you are nervous. Try taking deep breaths and take your time. Give yourself chance to think about what is being asked. By talking so fast, those around you will struggle to keep up with you. Alternatively, take a few minutes beforehand to do some breathing exercises and try to stay calm.

Keep eye contact
If you can’t get through a conversation without looking around and putting your focus on something else, you will look very unconfident and not very trustworthy. When talking to others, try maintaining eye contact and you will appear much more confident. If you are struggling, think of it as a competition: whoever is the first one to look away is the weaker one!

Smile and be interested
If you’re heading into an uncomfortable situation and look very worried, it probably just won’t go to plan. Make sure you smile as often as you can and ask questions to those around you. Even if you’re not interested, by asking questions and paying compliments, you will appear confident and eager to talk to them.

Do something you love beforehand
The best way to get yourself ready for a situation you won’t feel confident in is to spend some time doing your favourite things beforehand. Head to the gym or listen to some upbeat music as you will feel much more yourself and confident. Even if it just a short walk or 10 minutes with Netflix, you will appear more confident as you have had some ‘me’ time.

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