Julio Taylor

Julio was named as Hallam’s new CEO in May 2020 and is responsible for leading the company in its new strategic and integrated direction to focus on continuing to strengthen the team’s and product development.

With over 20 years experience in the sector specialising in strategy and digital experience, Julio has been a key member in Hallam’s leadership team since its merger with BigSpring in 2017. He has since played an instrumental role in the transformation of Hallam into a full-service agency.

Formerly the agency’s Creative Director, Julio is a specialist in User Experience (UX), design, as well as constructing full strategies that meet business objectives and deliver high-quality results.
Julio started designing and building websites in the late ‘90s, hacking together Geocities websites, frames, and table layouts. After studying Computer Science, he worked as a software developer in the oil industry and public sector, before coming back to digital and web in 2009.