Birmingham-based business coach shares her advice on International Women’s Day.

“Use your voice: Even when it’s scary. Speak out, speak loud, speak strong. What you have to say is important and it should be shared.”



NEW research has revealed more than half of female entrepreneurs have been turned down for a loan to fund their new business, even as the Government pledges ambitious growth for the economy. 

And this rises to more than two-thirds among black women, according to a survey by financial platform Tide. 

The findings highlight the barriers women are still facing in business in the UK ahead of International Women’s Day on Wednesday March 8. 

Separate analysis suggests that women hold fewer than 9 percent of chief executive and chairperson positions, and just 14.8 percent of all roles in senior management in the UK’s financial services sector.

The study by employment law specialists Fox and Partners found that progress is happening at a snail’s pace.

The company estimates that, at the current rate, it will take 70 years to reach gender parity.

Daniella Genas, a leading business coach, has supported dozens of female entrepreneurs to grow their companies. Mother-of-one Daniella, juggles running her own business consultancy with raising an eight-year-old daughter.

Here, to mark International Women’s Day, Daniella, founder of Be The Boss shares her advice on what the advice she would give to her eight year old self:


– Use your voice: Even when it’s scary, especially when it’s scary. Speak out, speak loud, speak strong. What you have to say is important and it should be shared.


– You are beautiful: Even though the world may tell you otherwise. You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.


– Use your gifts. Even though you are young, you have so much talent in so many different areas. You can achieve so much more if you don’t wait until you are older or more of whatever you think you should be. You can.


– Keep reading: There is so much to learn. Keep your head in those books. One day you will write your own.


– You don’t have to be perfect to be perfect: It is ok not to get 100% on everything you do, as long as you try your best.


– They will tell you what you cannot do and who you cannot be:  Don’t believe them. Use their negativity to motivate yourself. You will prove them wrong,


– Continue to Think BIG. You will achieve massive things and can achieve so much more if you do all of the above.