Property firm to manage landmark Liverpool building

Exchange Flags

A property firm has been appointed to manage one of Liverpool’s best known buildings.

Having worked on the purchase of the £68m purchase of Exchange Flags for Ashtrom Properties UK Mason Owen will property manage the landmark building.

Exchange Flags is one of the thirty-seven Liverpool properties, totalling over £250m, managed by the Mason Owen team.

The team manage a national portfolio valued at over £600m.

Mark Williams, director of asset management at the firm, said: “Exchange Flags is iconic within the city, not only as brilliant office space, but increasingly a smart place for leisure businesses and cultural organisations to position themselves.

“We’ll continue to make improvements to the space, making sure the offices offer an innovative, modern place to work to fill the demand in the city. Also, by maintaining and building a unique leisure offering – in the incomparable Neoclassical surroundings.”

He added: “Exchange Flags is an important component of our national portfolio, and an exciting instruction for the team. We look forward to the opportunity to further showcase our ability to manage high profile multi-faceted properties.”

Ashtrom Properties UK chief executive Guy Lewinsohn said: “We are delighted to have Mason Owen as our property managers for Exchange Flags.

“We look forward to working closely with Mason Owen alongside our tenants at Exchange Flags. We see a bright future for the Liverpool commercial office market in the short as well as long term and excited to be part of it moving forward.”

Mason Owen was launched in 1967 by Barry Owen and Geoff Mason.

Clients include Iceland Foods, Greggs, Co-op, Vabeld, TH Real Estate, J. Clarke Investments, Dransfield Developments, London Metric Plc, Assura Plc, Grosvenor, St Modwen, Coplan Developments, Tarncourt Investments, M&G Real Estate, Threadneedle, Ion Development, Promenade Estates.

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