Enterprise experts in demand for international Chinese conference

Alison Price and Zhang Jing, pictured before social distancing

A team of business experts from Liverpool and Manchester support agency, The Women’s Organisation, has been invited to take part in an international conference on how best to encourage entrprise.

The Women’s Organisation’s commercial consultancy arm, Enterprise Evolution, has been invited to take part in the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference ‘Co-Create Promising Value’, taking place by online links in China between, June 6-12.

Enterprise Evolution has a long history of working in China, advising the country’s educators on staff and development programmes and how to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in the nation’s youth.

The video conference will be hosted by Enterprise Evolution’s Beijing-based partner, Zhang Jing, who will introduce international speakers showcasing initiatives concerning entrepreneurship in education across the globe.

Enterprise Evolution consultants Lisa McMullan and Alison Price have worked with Jing for many years on a range of projects offering their unique insight into enterprise and business development.

Alison co-created, co-designed and co-delivered the staff development programme CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Outcomes) with Jing’s organisation, Beijing Weishengchang International.

Earlier this year the work Enterprise Evolution has done with their partner in China received recognition as a finalist for a Department of International Trade Award.

Joining them on the roster for the China conference will be The Women’s Organisation co-founder and chief executive, Maggie O’Carroll.

Maggie will share her journey to entrepreneurship and how her time studying in the United States drove her passion, on her return to the UK, for supporting women entrepreneurs to believe in their entrepreneurial potential and be empowered.

The talks will be free to access and will go live from June 6.

They will include Lisa’s reflections on working with research fellows to commercialise their research using entrepreneurial approaches.

She will be sharing her experiences and the approaches used to support researchers and university colleagues, including her work as part of the facilitation team for a range of UK universities and entrepreneurial organisations.

Alison will draw on her 20+ years in enterprise education policy development to discuss the evolution of policy across Europe, particularly in the UK, as well as sharing her predictions for policy development and implementation in the coming years.

Enterprise Evolution has worked with Chinese partners since 2010, imbuing UK entrepreneurial expertise into the Chinese educational system.

CEO Maggie O’Carroll said: “We are thrilled to be offered the opportunity to expand our work in China.

“It is testament to the reputation of our Enterprise Evolution team and the strong working relationships they have forged with colleagues in China that, while the world is locking down, we are still reaching a global audience.

“Building enterprise into education is one of the fundamental ways that we stimulate economies through inspiring start-ups. As such, it is our pleasure to join this conference and share our expertise of supporting entrepreneurs, particularly women and social entrepreneurs, for more than 20 years.”