Vehicle body builder increases output aimed at electric market

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Solomon Commercials, a manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles, is ramping up its electric vehicles body production to meet demand.

The Rossdendale-based manufacturer has partnered with major fleet operators and retailers to develop a range of refrigerated bodies for electric vehicles to help retailers achieve stringent carbon emission targets.

Anthony Clegg, sales director, said: “More and more retailers are looking to introduce robust carbon-neutral policies, and one of the areas that they’ve been focusing on is vehicle fleets.

“We’ve been working with clients to minimise the impact of their fleets on the environment, and zero-emission vehicles are a major contributing factor in helping them achieve their plans.”

He added: “In addition, there’s increasing need to create clean air cities and banning traditional petrol or diesel engines will help in achieving that goal.

“However, essential supplies still need to be delivered by vehicles because it’s the only way products can get to inner-city sites.

“It’s another reason why electric vehicles and alternative fuels are so important.”

The company anticipates further growth for this particular aspect of vehicle body production.

Mr Clegg said: “This year, we manufactured and supplied over 100 vehicles, but we have orders for up to 200 vehicles for 2022, and we can see this growing.

“Demand for electric vehicles is only going to increase, and we’re at the forefront of developing innovative products that help our customers achieve their goals.”