Wirral gives green light for £7.2m specialist care accommodation

Riverhill proposal

A £7.2m specialist care facility for people with learning disabilities and autism in Wirral has been given the green light, and aims to set new standards in independent living.

Sci-Tech Daresbury-based Tecura will deliver the scheme, based on the personal experience of its CEO, Matthew Warnes, who lost both his legs above the knee and suffered 65% third degree burns to his body following a car accident.

After more than 130 operations, Matthew’s only opportunity to live independently was to design and build a house with environmental controls and assistive and adaptive technology. He wanted to use this experience and his technology background to help others with disabilities live in the comfort and dignity they deserve.

Tecura’s mission is to radically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of social care in the UK by using adaptable and sustainable technology. Its aim is to enrich the lives of those living in social care facilities and improve individual outcomes, which will then elevate the lives of thousands of vulnerable people.

Matthew said: “In many ways I am glad that the car crash on July 5th 1997, happened to me. I was, and I still am, mentally strong enough to make the necessary changes to support individuals less able and less fortunate than myself.

“It took over five years and 140 operations for me to recover, but since then I have gone on to be one of the UK’s leading smart home designers and system installers.”

Matthew and Tecura believe that, in line with the Government’s Transforming Care programme, greater independence and empowerment are key to ensuring that people with disabilities are not only settled, but can thrive, in their environments. This, in turn, usually means that people either need less support, or that this support is provided more effectively.

The new development has been approved by Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council and will take place in a repurposed building, the former Riverhill Hotel in Oxton, and will be the first in a considerable number of properties that will see Tecura seek to cement a leadership position as the UK’s leading smart care home developer, combining cutting edge Technology Enable Care (TEC) within high quality, operationally efficient physical environments.

Tecura’s smart real estate power and resource management systems will enhance the capability of care companies to operate the buildings securely and efficiently using sustainable green energy.

The announcement of the Riverhill development follows the approval in December for Oakmere, by Flintshire County Council, which will comprise 30 apartments, also specifically designed for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Matthew added: “With modern day technology we can achieve virtually anything – for any need – providing dignity, independence and better, healthier lives for vulnerable people. Gaining planning approval for the redevelopment of Riverhill and our work at Oakmere represents a key milestone for me and my outstanding team at Tecura as we seek to make the delivery of social care in the UK more effective and efficient using the right technology in the right environment.

“The Innovation Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury has proven to be the perfect home from which to take this crucial next step for our business. Being surrounded by other enterprises across a range of sectors using their expertise to create a better tomorrow is inspiring. We’re proud to be part of such a dynamic community.”

The Riverhill development will comprise 11 apartments specifically designed for people with learning disabilities and autism, but particularly suitable for people with complex needs. With adaptable homes and technology, the new development will be specified with green energy to reduce the running costs, and will utilise the very latest ‘Edge’ computing technologies to enable residents and carers to live safely, and empower residents to achieve greater levels of independence.

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