International expansion brings sweet smell of success for Crewe fragrance firm

Board members Mike Sharpe, Adam Burnett (rear) Jennifer Sharpe, James Sharpe

Nantwich-based fragrance-led home and lifestyle brand, Fabulosa, has expanded its geographical reach to the Middle East and North Africa.

Building on its exponential export success to date and significant presence in Europe, Fabulosa has introduced a full range of its popular, fragranced household cleaning products to its latest new regions. Making its products accessible to consumers in new territories, the brand has worked with translation companies to conquer language barriers and roll out labelling in Arabic.

In total, 35 products have been launched into the Middle Eastern and North African markets, including Multi-Surface Cleaners, Spotless Kitchen, Dazzling Bathroom and Bicarb Cleaner Sprays, Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaners and Cream Cleaners, which are already proving very popular with consumers.

Led by group marketing director, Adam Burnett, and co-founder, James Sharpe, Fabulosa will soon be active across three continents, with overseas sales already accounting for 30% of overall turnover within some months.

Adam Burnett said: “Fabulosa is proving to be the international language of fragrance.

“The beauty of being a fragrance-led business means that we can develop collections to suit the preferences of different markets worldwide. Feedback from the Middle East market so far is that locals love Oudh-based products, so this will help us develop our next wave of collections for this market.”

He added: “We are developing a strong community of overseas partnerships and we have ambitious plans to grow this portfolio even further. Fabulosa was established just four years ago, and with our unabated pursuit of a thriving export channel, is now fast becoming a true global brand.

“Currently, we are actively encouraging approaches from experienced FMCG distributors across Asia and Africa.”

Following its entry into the FMCG market in 2019, Fabulosa says it has changed the perception of cleaning, and has rapidly taken value and volume share from well established iconic household brands.

It has since leveraged its strategic positioning and focus to bring fragrance to alternative lifestyle sectors, widening reach and disrupting not only the cleaning sector but also other FMCG categories outside of this category including home fragrance (candles, wax melts and diffusers), shoe and trainer care, and personal (bath and body), while it continues to grow and innovate with prolific NPD ongoing in Surface Care, Air Care, Laundry Care and Task Specific ranges including car care and garden care.

The brand has made significant inroads into the export market. With its sights set firmly on international expansion, the brand has a presence in leading European retail chains representing 3,000 locations across the continent and Fabulosa collections are now available throughout Europe including France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.