Marketing brands join forces on university project

A group of consultancies has joined forces to work together in the university sector.

Bristol-based Beautiful Insights, Firehaus, All Things Words, JonesMillbank and Squarebird have announced a strategic partnership to increase the impact and effectiveness of brands in the university sector.

BrandUni Collective will offer a new exciting approach that fuses the expertise of the five businesses into one end-to-end service for university rebrands and refreshes – covering research and insights, brand positioning and creative platform, tone of voice and copywriting, film production and websites.

“We’re a Collective driven by a shared purpose and a common vision – to exponentially increase the social and environmental impact of our work, by creating culturally relevant university brands that enable those who educate and research to succeed” says Ian Bates.

Steven Dodds continues “The higher education sector is only going to become more competitive. But many institutions have told us they’ve become institutionalised in their thinking and behaviour. This is hampering their ability to act at pace, make strategic and creative breakthroughs and build a brand that will compete and succeed nationally, as well as globally”.

BrandUni Collective has recognised that some universities, research hubs and innovation centres are investigating new models for collaboration and commercialisation, particularly around the supercharging of real-world impact.

“Our approach is in that same spirit” says Beth Pope, “By bringing together like-minded but independent experts we will use our dynamic relationships and shared purpose to increase momentum behind rebrands and refreshes, and maintain a ruthless focus on effectiveness”

Each of the five businesses has a strong reputation for collaboration which they see as ‘baked-in’ to their shared purpose, and they intend for that to continue into the client relationships. As Jo Marshall says, “It’s why we put so much emphasis on collaboration throughout the process – and that includes the client. There are no bystanders in our approach.”


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