Evelyn Partners offers digital transformation solutions with Soroco deal

Evelyn Partners, the integrated wealth management and professional services group which has an office in Bristol, has announced a partnership with Soroco, a company which has set itself “on a mission to change how the world gets work done”.

Powered by multiple patents, its flagship product, the Scout AI model, generates a work graph – a map of hidden pains teams experience at work and their impact on business outcomes.

Claire Burden, who leads Evelyn Partners’ national advisory consulting team in Bristol, said: “We’re really excited to partner with Soroco and offer our clients this data-led solution to help them streamline and automate their business processes.”

The partnership deal gives clients of Evelyn Partners access to Scout, a multi-modal transformer model that learns from an organisation and creates a work graph which reveals what businesses do not see – the friction points in their teams’ experience at work, and how they impact business outcomes.

Scout contextualises these hidden pains to an organisation’s unique business environment, interprets them for all stakeholders, and democratises access to this data. It also autonomously generates solutions to resolve teams’ pains.

Scout drives productivity improvements in hundreds of organisations globally, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Burden added: “The reality is that the majority of digital transformations fail – either in terms of the return on investment or because the intended goals are not met. Companies often start in the wrong place when looking to automate and lack clarity on what exactly needs to change.

“Thanks to our partnership with Soroco, we can help our business clients pinpoint critical inefficiencies through granular task-level analysis, revealing exactly why and where processes fail. This level of detail is not something you can achieve by simply asking employees how processes are run.

“This makes Scout an invaluable tool for businesses looking to embrace digital transformation and the process improvements and significant cost savings it offers.”

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