Joint initiative to turbo-charge data science projects

Two tech companies have come together in a joint initiative to accelerate the pace at which data science models can be turned into user-ready business applications.

Panintelligence, a Leeds-based data analytics and business intelligence software developer, has teamed up with Glasgow-based Bellrock Technology whose ‘Lumen’ data science deployment platform develops business applications, allowing organisations to use their data to improve decision making.

Panintelligence’s ‘Pi’ dashboard has been developed to enable users in a range of sectors, from retail and education to local government and healthcare, to visualise and make sense of their own data easily and clearly, using clear graphics, pie charts and bar charts.

The new partnership with Bellrock Technology will see the Pi dashboard integrated into the firm’s Lumen system with the aim of enhancing visualisation for its clients – which include EDF Energy, SSE Power Distribution and Strathclyde University – and accelerating the journey from data science model to working business tool.

Pi dashboard users will also benefit from the ability to easily deploy their models and connect their data to Pi via Lumen, reducing from months to just minutes the time taken to deploy data science models into production.

Panintelligence CTO, Ken Miller, said: “We know from many client cases how cumbersome and drawn out data science projects traditionally can become, and so working with a business whose entire ethos is to speed up and enhance the quality of data modelling is really exciting.

“To be able to help these guys visualise outputs from their super nimble platform even faster is a great test of our software, and we’re learning a lot from each other’s approach to data visualisation and AI.”

Bellrock Technology CEO, Adam Brown, said: “Our partnership with Panintelligence is really exciting.

“With Lumen we can help organisations to deploy data science, and with Panintelligence on board as a partner we now offer Lumen users a new way to visualise the results to generate business insights.”

Panintelligence was founded by Ken Miller and CEO Zandra Moore in 2014 and has more than 200,000 users of its Pi dashboard worldwide.

The firm expanded to the US in summer 2019 and secured Series A fundraising in November 2019.