Online healthy food retailer flexes muscles with PureGym deal

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Online healthy food retailer MuscleFood has teamed up with PureGym to launch a no contract food plan for its users.

Nottingham-based MuscleFood says the tie-up with the Leeds-based gym chain is the UK’s first partnership of its kind and will deliver meals straight to customers’ doors.

The complete nutrition plan allows gym goers to tailor their calorie intake meaning it can work for weight loss, toning up or bulking.

Users will be able to sign up for a no contract food plan delivered straight to their door every week.

MuscleFood will supply three nutritionally balanced meals and up to three snacks per day with plans available for five, six and seven days a week, all tailored to personal goals.

There are over 70 different meal and snack options for users to choose from including the new Levi Roots range launched by MuscleFood.

PureGym has over 270 gyms across the UK.

Paul Kirwin, chief customer officer from MuscleFood said: “We’re delighted to be working with PureGym on this exciting partnership and supporting their members on their health and fitness journey.

“Whether you’re losing weight, toning up or building muscle – fuelling your body with nutritionally balanced meals is a key part of achieving your goals. We’re really proud of the meals and snacks on offer, and thousands of people are already enjoying the food plans and seeing great results.

“Meals are delivered straight to the door and cooking time, for the meals that need cooking, is quick – just minutes for the prepped pots and no more than ten minutes for the recipe kits.

“For gym goers with a busy lifestyle, this plan is convenient, supplies delicious, nutritionally balanced meals and cuts down on the time spent shopping for and cooking healthy meals.”

Stephen Rowe, chief marketing officer from PureGym said: “At PureGym we are committed to supporting our members with their fitness and overall wellbeing.

“In addition to a positive and regular exercise habit, great nutrition is a building block for a healthy lifestyle and so we are delighted to partner with MuscleFood, introducing our members to a new range of nutritional, convenient and great tasting meals.”