International distribution deal for security equipment manufacturer

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Heald, an East Yorkshire-based perimeter security technology manufacturer, has struck a deal with Sweden-based Intergate following a recent install of its Matador products in Stockholm.

Intergate is the leading distributor in Sweden for access control solutions. The firm, which celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year, is a subsidiary of Indutrade, that has a turnover of £1.6bn and 7,000 employees.

Following the distributor agreement, the City of Stockholm ordered a number of Heald products through the new distribution partnership with Intergate, including the Matador, the first installation project of Heald products in this city.

The installation is designed to stop unauthorised vehicles from accessing a shopping centre area in the suburb of Skärholmen, while still allowing access to delivery and emergency response vehicles.

The Matador bollard was chosen due to its unique design and its ability to be installed on the surface or with very minimal excavation, therefore not interfering with underground infrastructure.

CEO of Intergate, Fredrik Vedin, said: “The support from Heald has been outstanding through the whole installation process.

“Since this was our first time with this kind of product – sliding bollards – we needed extra attention and support from the technicians, sales support agents and engineers of Heald and we received everything we needed from them.

“We feel very confident with Heald as our supplier and we look forward to our next project together.”

Debbie Heald, managing director at Heald Ltd, commented: “We chose Intergate as our Swedish distribution partners as they are leaders in their field with bollard installations, so the partnership seemed the perfect fit for our unique products.

“Intergate have the same attention to detail, care for the customer and share the same values regarding providing and installing only the best in high-security products and services. There simply was no other choice for Heald in this region.”

The deal with Intergate follows Heald’s partnering with Germany-based truckBlok and Singapore-based ESCO Pte Ltd to bring its products to other major cities around the world.