Authentic flavours of Greece coming to city centre

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The new owner of a Greek restaurant in Hull is promising to bring the traditions of his homeland to the city’s dining scene.

Efstratios Dimeas – known as Stratos – is already serving authentic cuisine at the Greek Taverna based on recipes passed down through his family.

As restrictions are eased he plans to introduce traditional Greek music and dancing, taking bookings now in readiness for opening fully from Monday 19 July. He also has his sights on expanding to open a second venue.

Stratos said: “The plan at the moment is to become established here by serving food which people know and love from their visits to Greece. But there is more to the Greek dining experience, a great atmosphere that we want to capture.

“We haven’t got the space here for smashing a few plates but we will be looking for larger premises to open more restaurants as part of our long-term plan.”

Stratos will be joined in running the restaurant by his twin brother, Christos, and they will draw on the experience of working in their mother’s restaurant in Manchester.

Since that venue closed five years ago they have been operating Greek food services at festivals, which introduced them to Hull.

Stratos said: “I spent a lot of time working at festivals in Hull so I know the city quite well. I also know the restaurant and I remember it as a very nice business which sold authentic Greek food and was very popular, so we want to do more of the same.”

The Greek Taverna has operated as a weekend take-away during the Covid lockdowns, serving traditional grills, salads, meze, dips and desserts and generating demand which supports five staff and eight delivery drivers.

More jobs will be created when the restaurant reopens fully, with space inside for around 30 diners and a licence for more than a dozen tables outside as well as large scale deliveries for special occasions.

Stratos added: “We are a Greek family from the Cyclades islands and I learned how to cook from my mother.

“The food memories I have are of simple things, all different and all very special. I love my mother’s food and if I stick to it and do exactly as I was taught then other people can enjoy it as well.”

Kathryn Shillito, HullBID executive director, said: “We’re looking forward to working with Stratos and his team and we wish them every success with this venture and with their ambitious expansion plans.

“HullBID is a big supporter of festivals in the city centre and we organise many events ourselves because they are so important in terms of supporting the business community.

“This example of Stratos working at festivals and then opening his own restaurant mirrors other successful Hull businesses that started small and expanded.”