Life sciences firm scents new sales opportunities with latest licensing agreement

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Listed life sciences business OptiBiotix Health says its weight management product SlimBiome® has received licensing approval by Health Canada, a federal institution which helps Canadians improve their health.

SlimBiome® is a patented weight management ingredient supported by independent human clinical studies which show it reduces hunger, cravings for sweet and savoury foods, and fat intake.

René Kamminga, CEO of York-based OptiBiotix Limited, said: “We are pleased to achieve product approval for SlimBiome® by one of the toughest regulatory bodies in the world.

“This is a significant achievement and brings further international recognition to our product as a scientifically backed and proven weight management ingredient.

“It underlines the value of the investment we made in a number of human clinical studies showing SlimBiome’s® effectiveness and the creation of a large IP portfolio.

“This opens up the Canadian and North American market for new sales opportunities and provides further validation of our product in international markets.”

Carla Fabian, sales director of Agropur, Optibiotix’s partner in North America, added: “Health Canada approval and recognition is exciting news as this allows Agropur to safely manufacture, distribute, and sell SlimBiome in the Canadian marketplace.

“The registration is recognised by consumers, brand owners, retailers, and professional health care workers like pharmacists and dietitians.

“We, along with Optibiotix, look forward to partnering with brand owners who are looking to add proven science-based weight management functionality to existing products or to assist with new product development utilising our extensive innovation resources.”