Grants for more than 100 city businesses help cut energy costs

Business Doncaster has used Community Renewal Funding to establish and deliver a grant scheme to help local businesses decarbonise.

It is part of Doncaster Council and Mayor Ros Jones’ pledge that Doncaster will become a net zero city,

A total of 103 Doncaster businesses have benefited from the Decarbonisation Grant, with almost £300,000 paid out between March and December this year.

Any micro, SME business or charity in Doncaster could apply for a grant worth up to £3,000 to access initiatives that helped them become “greener,” more resilient to climate change and prepared for any future energy price hikes.

Companies have been assisted with grant assistance towards the costs of:

  • Environmental audits
  • Building energy audits
  • Electric charge point installation
  • Purchase of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Efficient lighting solutions
  • Improved access point systems (new doors/shutters)
  • Alternative fuel source for buildings (solar panels/wind turbines), and
  • Improving insulation

Councillor Glyn Jones, deputy mayor and cabinet member for housing and business, said: “The Decarbonisation Grant is part of Doncaster Council’s commitment to become carbon neutral and create an environment in which Doncaster businesses can lower their carbon footprint.

“We are committed to investing in the future and creating opportunities for all by supporting and encouraging local businesses to invest in green initiatives that will support them to become more sustainable and competitive.”

This project has been funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

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