Forest deal collapse ‘bizarre’, says lawyer

Fawaz Al Hasawi

The lawyer for the American consortium that failed to buy Nottingham Forest last month has said that tycoon John Jay Moores still wants to buy the club.

Speaking to the BBC, lawyer Trevor Watkins said he had no idea why the deal collapsed.

Watkins said: “It seems bizarre that after so many months of hard work that the deal collpased. Everybody fully expected the deal to go ahead.

Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi responded last night on Twitter, saying: “I am extremely disappointed with the content and message of the BBC interview, which completely misrepresents the true circumstances surrounding the deal.

“If the implied message is that I was responsible for the deal collapsing I reject this assertion.

“I have been particularly disappointed and saddened for the fan with the extraordinary and pervasive misinformation that is circulated about the deal.”

The deal that would’ve seen Nottingham Forest being sold to new American owners collapsed in mid-January with manager Phillipe Montanier leaving the club at the same time.

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