Locked in With… Julio Taylor, Hallam

Julio Taylor

Julio Taylor is the creative director at Nottingham-headquartered digital agency Hallam.

Who are you locked in with?
My wife, a veterinary surgeon who is now on furlough, and my two boys aged 2 and 5.

How has the lockdown and working from home been for you so far?
It’s been hard creating a whole new family routine. I have always worked regularly at home, and I could be selective about the tasks I did and so I could stay productive in the midst of family life. But with working at home full time, we have had to adjust space in the house, adjust my attitude, adjust routines for the kids. It’s also important to have a dedicated space for work, and create a physical separation between home and work life.

What has been the best thing about staying in?
There are two great things: spending more time with the family, and by not being in the office, having more time for concentrated sprints of activity.

And what have you missed the most?
I miss the team. We have always had a great culture, and I miss seeing the team face to face. We organise lots of Zoom informal fun, but it just isn’t the same as hanging around together.

What previously essential thing have you realised is not actually essential?
Meetings. I always knew they weren’t essential, but it has been a real eye-opener to see the efficiencies the business is making by working remotely. We’ve also been extremely effective at working with clients remotely – running workshops, strategy sessions using remote tools is surprisingly effective and could drastically reduce travel time in the future.

What are the changes you’ve made that you plan on continuing when restrictions are lifted?
We are going to actively encourage colleagues to work at home if it suits their lifestyles. We have a remote working policy, but we are going to further develop and expand it because there are obvious benefits. We’ll also look to implement more remote work with clients, and cut back on wasted travel, and its environmental impact.

Have you made progress on any of your bucket list items?
It’s hard to have too many hobbies with kids, but I’ve started recording music again with friends (remotely), and also starting to get into a daily exercise routine.

What is the first thing you will do when isolation ends?
Head off to Spain for a family reunion, celebrate being together with lots of great food, and a few glasses of wine.

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