Data centre reports surge in orders as businesses switch from London

A Nottingham-based data centre is reporting a surge in new business as the region’s firms begin to look closer to home for their co-location service.

Space Data Centres, says that the tighter travel restrictions of the pandemic has led to many firms that would usually default to collocating their IT infrastructure in London data centre moving out of the capital to less populated areas that are closer to their own bases.

Space, which is located just 10 minutes from the M1, recently welcomed the driving electronics specialist Snooper to its facility and last year announced it was backing key service providers during the crisis with free access to their video meetings, messaging and phone solutions.

Space Data Centres’ Andy Gilbert said: “It is interesting that in the wider consumer market we are seeing a call and a shift to more local provision where possible in terms of day-to-day shopping habits because we are seeing that in the tech sector too which is perhaps a little surprising at first.

“However, having vital kit closer and accessible is the new best practice and it is relatively unaffected by travel restrictions. We actually interconnect with a key partner in London Docklands and can offer the same level of security and integrity as the London providers at a fraction of the cost here in Nottingham.

“There is also a greater opportunity to build real partnerships with our local customers as we not only offer the expertise you would expect from a Tier 3 location but also better levels of engagement as a more local supplier. We’re working with businesses, not numbers on a system and building proper working relationships.

“In fact, when you consider the savings you might say we’re talking about less ‘capital’ all round really.’