Leicester asset manager launches two funds

Stefan Fura

Asset Intelligence Portfolio Management (AIPM), the Leicester-based discretionary fund manager has launched to new funds.

The VT Asset Intelligence Growth Fund and the VT Asset Intelligence Defensive Fund have been created in partnership with T Rowe Price, the global asset manager with assets under management totalling $1.3trn.

AIPM launched in 2019 and has amassed over £150m in funds under management within its first 12 months of operation.

Co-founder, Stefan Fura, said: “We are fiercely proud of our Leicestershire roots and are delighted to be able to announce a deal of this magnitude with such a huge global partner. The balance in UK financial services has traditionally been tipped towards London. Being based in Leicester, we are independent of that geographical bias and we intend to remain that way.

“There are world-class business and investment brains in all four corners of the UK and this partnership further underlines that we have our fair share in Leicestershire. It’s good news for us and the area that we are able to broker these types of relationships with global brands.”

He added: “Our relationship with T Rowe Price is an exciting one. In searching for a suitable partner for this project, we looked for three things: We wanted to work with an organisation that shared our values, who always put the customer first. We wanted a partner with a truly global research capability that shared our investment philosophy with a track record of excellence; and we wanted an organisation able to systematically integrate appropriate, sustainable environmental, social and corporate governance into our offering. We got exactly what we wanted.

“The investment insight delivered by T Rowe Price will enable our investment team to create innovative portfolio solutions that will meet client needs and, we believe, exceed expectations.”

John Yule, head of UK and Ireland, T Rowe Price, said: “The collaboration allows access to T Rowe Price’s rigorous proprietary global research and over eighty years of investment heritage. With a shared focus of putting our customers first and a belief in active management, we’re delighted to be working with Asset Intelligence.”