Sage specialist snaps up Cambridge counterpart

Smith Cooper System Partners' head office
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Derby- and Nottingham-based Smith Cooper System Partners has acquired Price Bailey Business Systems, which is based in Cambridge.

Smith Cooper Systems Partners is in the top 3 Sage 200 busines partners in the UK.

Chris Smith, managing director of Smith Cooper System Partners said: “The growth and progress of our company over the last six years has been immense and this is another important but sensible step on our journey.

The acquisition of Price Baileys Sage division is a fantastic addition to our operation in the Southern region and our business at large. From the early stages of discussions with the Price Bailey team, we recognised a synergy in the way we all believe a Sage Business Partner should work and how Sage 200 customers should be treated. However, we also recognised an opportunity for Smith Cooper to provide some assistance to the team and add even more value for the clients.

“I am naturally thrilled that Price Bailey has chosen Smith Cooper as the company best placed to work with them to move their business systems division forwards into a new era, whilst safeguarding the quality of service their clients currently enjoy.”

Alan Becker, divisional manager of Price Bailey Business Systems, said: “We are immensely proud of our history as a quality Sage 200 support partner and have worked tirelessly over the last 20 years to achieve the reputation we enjoy today. Both myself and the team value the service we provide to our clients above all else and are very confident that Smith Cooper will not only retain our levels of service but actually improve it with a wider team and an expanded service offering.

“I believe this is a fantastic development for our customers, suppliers and staff and am looking forward to moving forward as part of Smith Cooper System Partners.”

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