Networking lunch: Cryptocurrency – are you tax savvy?

Many crypto investors will be filing a tax return for the first time. If you have been dabbling with cryptoassets, do you understand your tax obligations?

At this exclusive event, to be held at Baresca in Nottingham on Thursday November 17 from 12pm, we’ll hear from crypto tax specialists Louise Lane and Chelsea Challis from Wright Vigar, who will talk through your crypto tax position for the year ended 5 April 2022. Louise and Chelsea will be on hand to answer questions on how crypto is taxed and your obligations.

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We’ll also hear from Dan Howitt, one of the founders and CEO of, the UK’s leading cryptoasset tax calculators. He founded Recap in 2018 after painstakingly trying to manually calculate tax on 50,000 transactions. Recap now supports thousands of customers in three countries in getting their crypto taxes completed in under fifteen minutes.

The UK government has recently set out plans to recognise crypto stablecoins as a valid form of payment in the UK, alongside other ambitious plans to make the UK a Global Hub for Cryptoasset technology. Also, they are exploring improving the way crypto is taxed.

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As of June 2021, 10% of the UK population held cryptoassets. It is clear that crypto is here to stay and these new plans will certainly ignite a further increase in activity.

Join Louise, Chelsea and Dan at this must-attend event to get the very latest on tax and crypto.