Major new apartment scheme reaches completion

The construction of the Condor apartment building, consisting of eleven- and nine-storey blocks, has been completed on Victoria Street in Derby.

The building includes features such as a rooftop garden, a gym and a private dining room.

Grainger, the developer, has already seen 70 people move in.

The Condor development is a component of a larger project worth £200m, managed by St James Securities. This initiative aims to revitalise the abandoned Becketwell area, including the former Duckworth Square.

Progress has already begun on constructing a performance venue worth £46m for the city. Further plans include the addition of a hotel and a parking facility in the area.

Several well-known buildings, including the Pennine Hotel, the former Pink Coconut nightclub, and Laurie House, have been torn down to clear space for the Becketwell development, along with the former Debenhams store.