Consultancy duo lands spot on Lincolnshires £1bn powerline upgrade scheme

The East Coast (Lincolnshire and Yorkshire) region transmission system

Arup and Aecom have been selected to manage the critical environmental impact assessment for the Grimbsy to Walpole upgrade scheme.

The National Grid anticipates a significant increase in electricity generated by offshore wind farms heading towards the East Coast in the coming years. However, the existing power lines, dating back to the 1960s, lack the capacity to accommodate this surplus electricity.

The Great Grid Upgrade project by National Grid aims to build a 400kV overhead electricity transmission line connecting new substations in the northeast.

This will link renewable energy sources to the power grid.

The specific part of this project from Grimbsby to Walpole is 140km long and mostly above ground. The plan involves building three new substations.

According to National Grid’s report from May 2023, the chosen option for this project would cost approximately £1bn initially and have a total operational cost of £958m over its lifetime.

Arup board director, Kate Hall said: “Building on our strong relationship with Aecom and National Grid, we will help deliver decarbonisation of the energy system through projects such as Grimsby to Walpole.

“The transition to a zero-carbon economy and decarbonisation of the built environment for the health of our planet is a fundamental driver for Arup. We believe the upgrade to the transmission network is key to allowing the integration of offshore renewables in reducing carbon emissions.”

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