Nottingham business duo fighting against city’s homelessness

Deborah Labbate and Stephanie Revill-Wiseman

The CEO Sleepout, a national charity committed to addressing homelessness and fostering social change, has introduced its corporate ambassadors’ program, welcoming individuals from across the country to join in.

In Nottingham, notable ambassadors like Deborah Labbate from Nottingham City Business Club and Stephanie Revill-Wiseman from Halo Recruit have been recognised for their unwavering support and dedication to CEO Sleepout over the years.

With their commitment to the cause and influential networks, these corporate ambassadors will play a vital role in promoting CEO Sleepout’s mission in their respective cities.

Sales director from Halo Recruit, Stephanie Revill-Wiseman said: “By raising awareness and offering assistance, we can work towards alleviating suffering and improving the lives of millions of people across the UK. Sleeping out allows you to gain firsthand experience and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by many individuals. As a business leader, your participation inspires peers, employees and community members to get involved and make a difference. By leading by example, you can create a ripple effect of positive change.”