Managed service provider ramps up fight against cyber threats

Luke Draper

An Ilkeston managed service provider has launched a new suite of solutions for businesses after seeing a huge rise in demand for its cyber security services.

IDT’s security business has developed a new Cyber Security as a Service (CsaaS) suite after being inundated with requests from clients old and new for an “off the peg” solution to the issues they’re now facing on an almost daily basis.

Luke Draper, managing director at IDT, said: “The demand for cyber security has never been higher, I’m sure we have all seen repercussions first-hand and also in the media of the fallouts of cybercrime and the devastating effect it can have on businesses and individuals alike. Long gone are the days when it only affects the big blue-chip businesses – it’s a real life, real world, daily problem and fight we are up against and one that is only becoming more challenging.”

Draper says that the drive for accessibility is causing problems for businesses.

He added: “As we move our lives to the cloud and access everything from anywhere from any device making our lives more efficient and easier it also opens the door to the people who want to exploit that and of course, the money in it. These cyber criminals are not one man bands in darkened bedrooms trying to get one over on huge corporations; these are sophisticated businesses set up to make money from every business and a lot of it.”

To help its clients combat this organised crime, IDT offers a comprehensive suite of cyber security services designed to protect its customers against the daily threats we all face. These range from simple Anti-Virus, EDR and advanced threat protections, managed firewalls all the way through to Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing and User Awareness training. This is also along with ensuring businesses are qualified for the UK cyber standards of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Draper said: “The days of scattergun cyber attacks are in many respects dead. The new generation of attackers have endless patience along with unlimited time and resources.  Whilst this might sound like scaremongering unfortunately the threat and risk is VERY real.

“Talk to us and quickly, we can help, advise and plan. The last thing we want to hear from our clients is ‘I wish I had’ and ‘this could have been prevented by acting quicker’.