Revised development proposals unveiled for Nottingham’s planned Lidl site

The Bestwood site

A piece of land in Nottingham where a Lidl store was supposed to be built has been sold by the council.

Instead of the Lidl, there are now plans to build new houses on this land.

Earlier plans had included both a new Lidl store and 62 homes, but Lidl withdrew from the project in August due to delays in the planning process.

On Monday, October 2, Nottingham City Council approved the sale of this land.

The council mentioned in their statement that the land’s value had increased over the years but did not reveal the buyer or the sale price, citing concerns that sharing this information might affect their negotiation position.

MyPad, the entity that had initially submitted plans in collaboration with Lidl, said that it cannot provide additional details regarding the site’s future at this time.

The firm neither confirmed nor denied the purchase of the land.

Nottingham City Council’s planning committee initially approved the plans on December 21 last year.

However, negotiations related to a portion of the project’s Section 106 contribution, which developers pay for infrastructure improvements, had caused issues.

In the council’s report on the decision to sell the land, they stated that it was in their best interest to sell this extra piece of property.

The land underwent an open marketing process, and the terms of sale have been agreed upon. According to the report’s author, this sale at market value would also help reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access and settlement on the land, which had been a recent problem.

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