Medical cannabis producer announces partnership in growth strategy

Leicestershire-based Medical cannabis producer Dalgety has announced a new contract agreement with Grow Pharma and its licensed partner JV Partner IPS Pharma.

This partnership will enable the commercial supply of pharmaceutical-grade THC-rich prescription medicines to the UK market.

Grow Parma offers education for healthcare professionals as well as one-to-one advice, learning events and prescription support for new doctors.

James Leavesley, chief operating officer at Dalgety, said: “We began discussions with Grow more than two years ago and we share its ambition as a leader within the medical cannabis industry. From cultivation and processing, through to patient experience, we’re aligned in our aim of providing the highest quality medicine and service to patients. I’m excited to announce that this agreement has now come to fruition.”

January of this year, Dalgety obtained a Home Office license, enabling them to produce high THC-medical cannabis of EU-GMP quality at their UK facility.

Pierre van Weperen, CEO of Grow Pharma, said: “Our focus has always been on the needs of the patient, and it’s clear that Dalgety has heard and understood this within its approach and recognises the importance of this in the long term. Our conversations were focused around that from the start. Anything that simplifies the UK supply chain and enhances its sustainability will make a huge difference to the industry. 

“This is a hugely positive collaboration for Grow, being able to bring UK-grown medicines with industry-leading expertise to the pharmaceutical market.”