Nottinghamshire’s creative businesses set to benefit from funding

Sajeeda Rose

Creative businesses in Nottinghamshire are set to receive targeted support to attract investment and create jobs, in line with the government’s goal to grow the creative industries by £50bn by 2030.

The county-wide consortium, Creative Growth Nottingham and Nottinghamshire is one of six areas that get to share £10.9m in government funding as part of the Create Growth Programme.

This funding aims to help creative businesses access private investment and scale-up advice, with a focus on supporting startups to become successful CEOs.

The culture secretary is expanding the program to cover six new areas, including Nottinghamshire, providing targeted business support to a total of 1,800 creative organisations.

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said: “From the famous pottery of its past to fashion brands of today, the Midlands is a place where creative industries can thrive. I want to maximise the potential of the next generation of the region’s creativity and talent for years to come. We’re already making progress towards the ambitious goals set out in our sector vision, unveiling millions in new funding to drive growth in our grassroots and scale-ups and banging the drum for creative careers.”

Sajeeda Rose, corporate director for growth and city development at Nottingham City Council, said: “Securing this funding is a significant boost for our local economy, helping to support one of our priority sectors across our city and county, after all we are an area which is well-known for creative innovation and world-changing pioneers.

“This government funding recognises the fantastic potential of our creative and digital sector and provides an opportunity to support them to realise that potential and achieve growth for them, and our economy. We look forward to delivering this support with our local consortium partners.”