Management buyout at electronics manufacturer

Datalink Electronics, led by managing director Mariam Smith, has been bought out in a management takeover with support from KBS Corporate.

Established in 1983, the Loughborough-based company offers design and production services.

Shareholders Eric Luckwell and Ian Wilson, seeking retirement, chose a buyout.

Fabio Rambelli, KBS corporate associate director who oversaw the transaction, said: “Mariam had a very active management role and was gradually taking over an increasing number of responsibilities from the shareholders, which meant she was the perfect person to sell the business to.”

A statement by Datalink said: “Having effectively run the company for the past 12 months, Mariam emphasises the infusion of new talent, machinery and a streamlined structure. The MBO brings more autonomy, allowing Datalink to focus on key areas such as talent acquisition and investment in equipment. This new-found independence is set to redefine the company’s strategic direction, creating a dynamic and responsive organisation.

“The post-buyout strategy includes exploring new partnerships and collaborations that align with Datalink’s growth objectives, reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in electronic design and manufacturing.”