Builders complete restoration work on historic building

Restoration efforts have secured the long-standing presence of the Stokes High Bridge Café on Lincoln’s High Street.

The Gelder Group has completed the project to renovate the exterior of the Stokes High Bridge Café building. This historic structure, dating back to 1540, is situated on the 12th-century bridge.

Stokes Tea & Coffee managing director Nick Peel said: “We are delighted that the roof
has been repaired following years of leaks whenever it rained which has greatly impacted trade and damaged the interiors. The repainting of the façade was also desperately needed for this beautiful historic building which takes pride of place on Lincoln’s High Street. The exterior refurbishment coincides with a new efficient till system and revamp of the menu offering shoppers and tourists a gorgeous setting to enjoy breakfasts, lunches and afternoon teas.

“Stokes has been in the High Bridge since 1937 and is extremely grateful to the City of
Lincoln Council and Gelder’s for carrying out this project.”

A City of Lincoln Council spokesperson said: “ It was estimated the work would take six to eight weeks, which meant constant communication with the business in the building was necessary – both to keep them informed of work and enable them to continue operating with as little inconvenience as possible. To do this, site meetings were held on a few occasions before commencement, incorporating City Council staff and Stokes’ café management and employees. This was led by Gelder’s contract manager, Paul Staines, who managed all communication and meetings, plus follow-up information distribution perfectly.

“Upon commencement of works and throughout, Staines maintained this communication
and managed the site exceptionally well. Site managers were also on hand if needed,
and kept all health and safety standards to the highest level. As the work progressed,
regular meetings and calls took place to keep both the City Council and Stokes café
informed. It is fair to say there were challenges throughout the project, but we are happy to say
these were managed and dealt with in a timely and professional manner by Staines and his
staff and contractors.”

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