Nottingham recruiter reports ‘busiest December on record’

Lewis Hanrahan

A Nottingham recruiter has marked December 2023 as its busiest festive month on record, witnessing a notable increase in job seekers seeking temporary work for the Christmas season.

Gi Group, a HR and recruitment business with a city centre branch on Middle Pavement in Nottingham, has reported a 33% increase in candidate interest this month compared to the peak temporary staffing period of the previous year.

According to UK Labour Market Statistics released by the UK Parliament, between July and September of this year, the employment rate for individuals aged 16-64 in the UK was 75.7%.

Additionally, a report by People Management at the end of 2022 highlighted that an estimated 16% of UK employees were contemplating taking an additional job to navigate through the year.

Lewis Hanrahan, business manager at Gi Group Nottingham said: “This year has seen a change in the recruitment landscape as we have observed a consistently high level of candidate interest in Nottingham. Unlike previous years when Black Friday was considered the peak time, this year has seen a continuous peak. This pattern reflects the well-documented challenges faced across the UK, with more individuals seeking reliable seasonal income due to the ongoing and widespread effects of the cost-of-living crisis.

“We have seen a particularly stark increase of candidate and employer demand within e-commerce, warehousing and Distribution Centre roles this year, a trend that has only intensified as we head towards Christmas. Online shopping is certainly not a new phenomenon, but consumer habits are changing with the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis, as people continue to tackle the challenging economic times.

 “Our talent pool now reaches further, geographically, than it has before too. We’re having candidates come to us from outside of Nottingham city centre, where historically the majority of candidates would live a walk or a short bus ride away. We’re getting more people walking in and calling us than ever before. This motivates our team because they love helping people find the right job. Meeting them in person makes the whole process even more rewarding.”