Manufacturer partners with consultant to boost brand representation

A Nottingham liquid vitamin, nutrients and minerals manufacturer has teamed up with a food and beverage consultant to represent them and its brands in the UK. 

Nutrivitality contains brands including liquid collagen and the skincare line SKINGLO, which will now be supported by The Good Food in UK retailers, including Boots, Holland Barret, Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Selfridges. 

The company has created a range of liquid supplements aimed at improving the skin from the inside, improving gut health, increasing energy, strengthening the immune system and joints, improving women’s health and multivitamin support for the family.

John Knox, managing director of Nutrivitality, said: “There is a growing global focus on health and wellness, with people proactively seeking ways to improve their overall well-being. This has led to more and more people looking for dietary supplements”.

“This collaboration with The Good Food Group marks a significant step in our goal towards enhancing the array of health and wellness products available to consumers throughout the UK by allowing us to bring our unique liquid formulations to major retailers. Liquid format products typically have higher efficacy rates than traditional tablet supplements, and come in a range of formats such as liquid droppers, sprays, shots or sachets for a convenient way to take supplements on the go.”


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