Experienced recruiters go it alone with new venture

Jo Eaton and Dom Syalon

Experienced recruiters Dom Syalon and Jo Eaton, who have worked in the sector for four decades, have set up their own company called Eaton Syalon.

The duo say they will bring a “fresh approach” to professional services recruitment utilising their background in accountancy and finance, human resources and professional services.

The pair have left SF Recruitment to set up their new business.

Syalon said: “We have been fuelled by passion in the recruitment industry for two decades and we are motivated by a shared passion for connecting individuals with their dream careers.

“We are excited to embark on our own journey. We wanted to create more than just a business; it’s been our dream for several years and it’s now coming to fruition.”

Eaton added: “Over the coming months, we are looking forward to reconnecting with our network and sharing the exciting journey that lies ahead.

“We want to create a truly personal touch to professional recruitment. We believe in the power of meaningful connections and tailor-made solutions. Dom and I have unmatched expertise, dedication and love for what we do.

“Breaking away allows us to explore, and create solutions that resonate with our values. Every aspect of the brand reflects our journey, passion, and commitment, inviting clients and candidates alike to be part of this exciting new chapter.”

Eaton Syalon is based in Nottingham and will be supporting clients and jobseekers across the East Midlands – an area the pair know well.

“The current recruitment market has its challenges, but Jo and I understand the recruitment landscape and know how best to act,” added Syalon.

“We are looking forward to giving the best, tailor-made advice to clients and individuals alike.”