Digital marketing agency expands into larger office

Director Will Williamson, owner and founder, David Roberts and finance and operations director Leanne Mordue

A Derby digital marketing agency has doubled its floor space by locating to bigger offices.

JDR Group has moved into a 2,938 sq ft office on the Wyvern Business Park, on the other side of Pride Park from its previous base in Brunel Parkway, its home for the past 12 years.

The Group provides digital marketing assistance to over 200 SMEs throughout the UK.

Currently boasting a team of 40 employees, it has distinguished itself by integrating marketing efforts with business support.

David Roberts, the company’s managing director, said: “This move is a major landmark for JDR Group and it’s a wonderful step forward for us to take in our 20th year and at a time when technology is creating incredible changes in our industry. It’s vital that we stay at the forefront of those changes and the new offices will help us to do that because we have extra space and a larger boardroom to bring staff together for training, invite clients and bring in external consultants.

“It will also allow us to experiment with technology to explore what’s possible and where we should be looking to innovate in the future. There is so much potential with new tools like AI, and while it will mean that some roles may no longer be necessary, it will also mean new roles are created, many of which we simply aren’t aware of yet.”

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