Major £18.5m development reaches milestone

A major development reaches a milestone at Russell Roof Tiles in Burton-on-Trent, with the installation of a new “High Silo” as part of an £18.5m investment project.

Called the “Skyrocket,” this doubles the capacity of the existing silo, improving efficiency and supporting Russell Roof Tiles’ goal of achieving net zero emissions.

The company, which employs 160 people across two sites in Burton and one in Lochmaben, Scotland, is a leading manufacturer of concrete roof tiles.

As part of their investment program, Russell Roof Tiles is installing a Skako Concrete ‘High Silo’ batching plant to boost production.

This new plant, installed alongside ongoing tile manufacturing, will improve efficiency and sustainability by recycling wash water and reducing waste.

It features energy-saving features, such as an efficient mixer and a gravity-fed sand system.

Bruce Laidlaw, operations director at Russell Roof Tiles said: “It is important that we continue to focus on efficiencies and sustainability across this major project, looking at market-leading environmental options throughout the new facility. For example, this type of mixer is up to 20 per cent more energy efficient than alternatives available.

“Other energy efficiencies include using gravity to feed sand into the mixer below.  Over time this saves a huge amount of energy moving sand.  The Skako Concrete solution of holding such amount of sand above the mixer has allowed for the footprint to be compressed and thus install the full equipment within a much smaller area.”

Gareth Hulcup SKAKO concrete sales manager for the UK and Irish markets said: “The installation of the new batching plant has been the culmination of many months of meticulous planning by all stakeholders to ensure seamless integration of the new plant on site.

“We would like to thank Russell Roof Tiles for the opportunity to provide our solutions for the redevelopment of the site at Burton and contribute to their Net Zero pledge”.