Business administraton firm set to expand team through new work program

The Admin and More team

Admin and More, a Kettering-based business providing personalised support through virtual PA services, is set to expand its team by three members in collaboration with the Employment and Disability Service (EADS) under North Northamptonshire Council.

These new team members will be joining through the national access to work program, facilitated by North Northamptonshire Council’s Employment & Disability Service, a specialised employment support team working closely with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), local job centres, and area businesses.

Elizabeth Wright, the founder of Admin and More, said: “Access to Work is a huge part of redressing this situation, helping disabled employees into the workplace and helping their employers with access to funding and support. Our mission is simple, but far from easy. Create a more inclusive workforce by providing meaningful work placements for all individuals with disabilities. This isn’t just about ensuring they have jobs; it’s about ensuring they have careers where they can flourish, and grow, making significant contributions to our country’s growth and prosperity.”

Lucie Dix, support manager at Employment and Disability Service (EADS), (a part of North Northamptonshire Council) said: “Working with Admin & More has been an incredible opportunity for some of our customers to be able to gain real life work experience, to build on skills and to grow in confidence. The results speak for themselves as three of these individuals will now be moving into paid employment with Admin & More imminently, with more work placements lined up in the coming months for other people.

“Some employers we encounter can see a disability as being a barrier to work, but Elizabeth and her team have a very different view. They see the ability and the value that hiring a person with a disability can add to a team and we are excited about continuing to work in partnership with Admin & More in the future.”

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