Almost 1,200 jobs in pipeline as Rolls-Royce site revamp green lit

Rolls' Raynesway site will be transformed

Derby City Council has given the green light to redevelopment plans for a Rolls-Royce site in Raynesway, set to create 1,170 jobs.

In March of last year, it was confirmed that Rolls-Royce Submarines would provide all the nuclear reactor plants that will power new attack submarines as part of the tri-lateral agreement between Australia, the UK and the US.

The expansion of the site is needed to accommodate the surge in demand from the Royal Navy and to fulfil the requirements for supplying nuclear reactor plants to power the new attack submarines under the AUKUS agreement.

Plans include an overhaul and expansion, with the construction of new manufacturing facilities and a multi-storey car park aimed at supporting the company’s nuclear submarine contracts.

The development is projected to generate 1,170 new employment opportunities within the city.

As part of the project, several existing buildings will be demolished to pave the way for the new infrastructure and the construction of another multi-storey car park will see surface parking in St Modwen Park for Rolls-Royce employees and a new footbridge.

Rolls-Royce Submarines currently employs more than 4,000 people and designs, manufactures and provides in-service support to the pressurised water reactors that power every boat in the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet.

Despite concerns regarding potential traffic disruptions around Pride Park during peak hours, the application was approved.