Nottingham life science firm eyes expanded global footprint

NuVision CEO Andy Hill

Nottingham-based tissue therapy company NuVision Biotherapies has expanded its global presence with a new partnership in the Netherlands.

The partnership with Laméris will introduce NuVision to Ophthalmologists across the Netherlands and enable the business’s products to be deployed in an outpatient setting and in the clinical pathway to support ocular care.

The deal sees NuVision further expand its global footprint, with the tissue-therapy company now operating in seven countries.

Based on 15 years of research at the University of Nottingham, NuVision develops, manufactures and deploys bespoke treatments which are developed from placental tissue donated by women undergoing elective caesarean section. The dried amniotic membrane is held in place on the surface of the eye by a specially designed contact lens which is placed on the surface of the eye without the need for surgery.

The combination of NuVision’s amniotic membrane, Omnigen®, and contact lens, OmniLenz®, has been used for over five years in over 160 UK hospitals for the treatment of inflammation and damage to the surface of the eye following traumatic injury, eye surgery and in chronic diseases.

Laméris is an organiser of outpatient clinics, and supplier of medical products for outpatient clinics and operating rooms. Laméris will connect professionals working in Ophthalmology departments with NuVision’s ocular tissue therapies.

Amsterdam UMC is the first Dutch Academic Medical Center to work with NuVision products.

Andy Hill, CEO at NuVision, said: “Omnigen and OmniLenz are currently in use at 130 hospitals across the UK which is a crucial market for us, however global expansion is an essential part of our growth strategy over the next few years. Our partnership with Laméris and introduction into the Netherlands is a pivotal moment for NuVision, demonstrating the requirement for, and viability of, innovative new technologies and therapies in European ocular care. We are looking forward to working closely with Laméris to widen accessibility to amnion within the Netherland’s ophthalmic and optometric markets.”

Marco Erenstein, business development manager surgical at Laméris, added: “We are thrilled with the partnership with NuVision Biotherapies, whose vision resonates with our mission to innovate and elevate eye care solutions. Introducing NuVision in the Netherlands fills us with pride, as it represents our commitment to advancing the field and providing cutting-edge options for both patients and medical professionals to excel in their practice.”