Entrepreneur announces shift to mental health advocate and speaker

Gary Parsons

Gary Parsons, known for his leadership at Talk Staff consultancy, is embarking on a new journey as a mental health advocate and inspirational speaker.

His decision stems from his personal experience with mental health challenges since being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy at 18, a journey he navigated privately while growing his business.

In 2009, Gary co-founded the people consultancy, which has offices in Belper, Derby and Nottingham.

In March this year, Gary Parsons stepped down as the CEO of the business and became a non-executive director at the firm, as he decided to concentrate on speaking and charity work.

His leadership led to growth, including a major acquisition in 2022 that doubled the company’s size and solidified its market position.

He said: “Reflecting on our business achievements, I am reminded of the silent battles many leaders face with their mental health.

“My experience has shown me the critical need for advocacy in this area. Through my speaking engagements and the ground-breaking Leaders in Disguise podcast, I aim to inspire a new era of leadership where mental well-being is prioritised as a key component of success.”