New professional services network launches from Leicester and Nottingham

Steve English

A professional services network has launched in the East Midlands that promises to offer its clients access to a broader range of services, knowledge and advice.

Forvis Mazars combines Mazars, the audit, tax, and advisory firm, with US -based FORVIS.

Operating from Leicester and Nottingham, Forvis Mazars will maintain Mazars’ existing team and services.

The network will support client needs and will help businesses aiming to grow or establish themselves in the US.

Employees in the East Midlands will also benefit from opportunities such as international assignments, secondments, and reciprocal training programs.

Steve English, East Midlands Office managing partner at Forvis Mazars said: “The creation of the Forvis Mazars network is incredibly exciting, creating more opportunities for both our clients and employees in the East Midlands. It provides our clients with access to additional expertise and capabilities, as well as on the ground support for those that have a footprint in the US or are looking to establish a presence there.

“We look forward to developing even stronger relationships with our colleagues in the US and providing  our team in the East Midlands with new opportunities as a result.”

Hervé Hélias, CEO and Chairman, Forvis Mazars said: This is a momentous and exciting time for our clients, our profession and our people. Mazars and Forvis have worked together for over 20 years and share a commitment to delivering an outstanding client experience. We are well positioned to deliver excellence, everywhere, under a single global brand.

“Clients will get consistent, high-quality, comprehensive services worldwide, and we remain agile and flexible to their specific needs. Working together, I am confident that our two firms will continue to empower our people to raise the bar for client service standards, while challenging industry opportunities to support future needs in local markets.”