Consultation launched to develop agricultural facility

Gorst Energy facility in Exeter

An initial consultation has been launched on plans to develop an agricultural anaerobic digestion facility on farmland to the west of Nottingham Lane, Old Dalby, Melton Mowbray.

Ixora Energy is proposing the facility which would support the agricultural community through partnerships with local farmers and provide green energy to the wider community, enough for 5,200 homes.

The facility which will sit alongside new woodland and hedgerow planting will turn biodegradable materials from local farms and turn it into low-carbon energy via a process called Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

As well as creating green power, the approach gives farmers a regular source of income and reduces their carbon footprint.

It also helps further enhance their soil quality, with a natural fertiliser created as a by-product helping cut down on artificial and expensive alternatives.

Darren Stockley, operations managing director at Ixora Energy, said:“The proposed facility will be instrumental in tackling the energy and environmental challenges of today in the Melton borough. Not only will we be able to generate renewable, low-carbon energy for use locally, but we’ll forge genuine partnerships with farmers to help lower their carbon footprint and reliance on chemical fertilisers.

“This is a tried and tested way of decarbonising our energy supply. Our Nottingham Lane proposal will have the dual benefit of reducing carbon emissions by both avoiding methane being released if the material was spread to land untreated and in the energy generation process itself.

“Our focus has always been on planning and operating such sites to the highest standards, as well as becoming part of the community by creating new jobs, spending with local traders and supporting worthwhile local causes. We’re proud to be bringing forward considered new proposals near Old Dalby and hope people get involved in our early consultation.”

The Ixora Energy team have launched the first stage of consultation on their initial proposals, with a drop-in event to be held from 2-8pm on Tuesday 16 July at Old Dalby Village Hall.