Business Bytes: 7 signs you are the most irritating person in the office

You might not even notice your annoying little habits but these behaviours could leave you friendless and without a job if continued. If you recognise these habits, it’s time to reconsider your working routine.

1. Abusing sick leave

A recent survey found that nearly a third of employees admitted to faking illness at least once in the last year. If you’re in this 32% have a think about the impact your “illness” has on the team.

2. Poor timekeeping

Constantly being late to work, late from lunch and not meeting deadlines can set the whole workforce back a step. Not only does everyone hate this habit, but when dependability becomes a problem you could find yourself out of a job.

3. Being unhygienic

If you think you smell, it’s probably because you do. Tea breath and the smell of a hard day’s work is never pretty, so stock up on some mints for your day at the office and spray some deodorant too – but try not to do this away from colleagues as they may not appreciate the air pollution.

4. Using your phone

Being sat there on your phone is annoying to bosses for obvious reasons. But any colleague who’s serious about their career will get sick of you constantly slacking to take personal calls or update your Facebook status.

5. Using work as a market

Whilst many offices let it go on, using your colleagues as a captive audience for your sideline selling cakes, make-up, Christmas gifts and everything in between can be really annoying for those people who feel they can’t say no.

6. Breaking the silence

We all have one of those colleagues who sniffles or coughs every waking moment of the day and even if they can’t help catching a nasty cold we still loathe them.

Then there’s the mouth slapping, crisp crunching, packet rustling workers who just don’t stop eating. Pen clicking can send some colleagues to an early grave too, so if you’re one of them – knock it off.

7. Too much banter

It’s no secret that bosses don’t want you to have too much fun, especially if they’re waiting on something from you. It’s the same with colleagues though, unless they’re involved in the conversation you’re having, they don’t want to hear about your “crazy” weekend antics.