This week’s Top 10 stories: Last dance for Nottingham nightclub

When a business closes down it’s obviously not good news. But if this week’s figures are anything to go by, the stories we carry about businesses shutting their doors for the final time are incredibly popular.

Our best-read tale this week was the shock closure of Nottingham nightclub The Forum. When the owners of a nightclub describe the place as “minging” you probably know their heart’s not in it, don’t you? We’ll have more news about what will happen to this unit next week.

In second place this week was Agile365’s decision to close Nottingham firm Wireless Things – a business it only bought last year. We’re in the dark as to how many jobs this will affect but it seems an odd decision, to say the least.

Our third most popular story this week was the news that Restaurant Sat Bains had come third in this year’s Good Food Guide. Sat told us that he hasn’t ruled out opening a Nottingham city centre restaurant – news which will surely have Notts foodies salivating.

This week’s Top 10 stories: