Housebuilder showcases latest low carbon tech to Homes England

Autograph Homes has showcased its latest low carbon technologies to Homes England at its new development at The Haw Wood.

The Haw Wood in North Bristol is a low carbon development of 22, three and four-bedroom homes, with a further eight shared ownership.

All will achieve the highest sustainable credentials, including eco ratings – SAP A rating for energy use and environmental impact, and an EPC Efficiency and Environmental rating of 100+, meaning potential net zero regulated energy cost and net zero regulated for carbon emissions.

Amongst the technologies that Homes England saw at first hand were the air source heat pumps (ASHP) fitted throughout the development, as well as the Powervault P4 storage battery available to residents. This is the first time the Powervault P4, which stores energy created from the ASHP and PV panels, has been fitted into a residential setting in the UK.

The battery is designed to reduce consumer energy bills by storing unused renewables, helping on the net zero journey for homeowners.

Simon Taylor, managing director Autograph Homes, said: “We’re able to offer home-owners remarkable features in our new homes that really benefit those looking to achieve a low-carbon lifestyle – whether because they know it’s the responsible thing to do, or because they’re looking to save on energy bills – or both.

“As a company we’re committed to building homes in a sustainable way. Homes England have a similar commitment, and with their interest in the SME sector we were pleased to share our experiences, whilst they were interested to see our best practice for themselves.”

Homes England added: “Autograph Homes is helping to drive the development of low-carbon homes in the SME sector in the South West, and coming to view this development and its new show-home has given our teams the chance to see at first hand the diversity of design and quality of build. We were able to see the advanced technologies, such as Air Source Heat Pumps, and Storage Batteries that allow these homes on smaller developments to achieve impressive low-carbon standards.”

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