Planners agree Jewellery Quarter housing development

Redevelopment of Birmingham Mint

A new residential scheme in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is to progress following approval of the project from planners.

The scheme in Pemberton Street involves the construction of eight, three-storey townhouses in a terraced row backing on to the Grade II-listed Birmingham Mint redevelopment.

The site consists of a cleared area of land which formerly contained a number of large tanks associated with the previous industrial use of the land as part of the wider Birmingham Mint site.

Developer Sidley Piper is proposing that the townhouses are built in the industrial style characteristic of the Jewellery Quarter’s heritage.

Sidley Piper has agreed to a Section 106 agreement to pay £30,000 towards improvement works at the Warstone Lane cemetery, which adjoins the site to the north as part of this proposal.

The site is bounded to the west by a retaining wall, with a 15m-20m drop to the amenity areas of a residential block built as part of the Birmingham Mint site. On the opposite side of Pemberton Street is a number of three-storey, 1970s commercial buildings, several of which have recently been converted to residential use.

Members of Birmingham’s planning committee agreed that the proposal would result in a good quality residential development and that would have a positive impact on the character of the Jewellery Quarter Conservation Area.